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About our Eco-compliance Module

As concerns about climate change, pollution and efforts in sustainability grow, companies are under pressure to comply with strict environmental regulations & standards. In the Maritime Industry, ships have a significant impact on the marine ecosystem They account for around 3% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the plant. With the IMO & EU upholding new compliance parameters so that ships can be more efficient and less polluting, our module for eco-compliance makes sure that you are not just adhering to the latest compliances, but also improving your vessel’s performance with the right kind of data at your fingertips!

Rather than self-calculate just for compliance, this module helps you to gather insights for smart decision-making,  so that you can save fuel, improve your CII Ratings & estimate many things ahead of time. Here are some features:

IMO-DCS and CII Rating by Ecosail

IMO-DCS Reporting

Ensure compliance with IMO-DCS regulations through accurate monitoring and reporting of vessel emissions with our streamlined reporting solution.

IMO-DCS reporting is crucial for ensuring transparency and accountability in the maritime industry regarding ship emissions.

Ecosail eases your IMO-DCS related reporting with the Eco-Compliance Module. Know more about IMO-DCS here

CII Calculator

CII Calculator & Predictor

We equip vessels with advanced sensors to continuously monitor the hull condition & performance parameters.

Fleet Owners & Managers will get to see real-time data on the ship helping to make decisions like hull-cleaning plan, and thousands of other operational adjustments to lessen drag & improve fuel efficiency

Its effective, accurate, easy-to-use and ROI-friendly.

EU-MRV by Ecosail


EU-MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) and ETS (Emissions Trading System) are key regulatory frameworks implemented by the EU to address GHGs from the Maritime Industry.

Ecosail’s module facilitates compliance with EU-MRV by providing customized reports, verifier-compatible and uploadable uploads. 

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Compliance with UK-MRV regulations is essential for ships operating in UK waters to ensure transparency & accountability in their environmental performance. 

Our module is designed to integrate seamlessly with UK- MRV systems & platforms, streamlining the reporting process for shipping companies. By analyzing emissions data & identifying areas for improvement, companies can optimize their operations & minimize their carbon footprint.

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Vessel Reporting

The Module has a vessel reporting feature with which you can effortlessly track vessel performance, fuel consumption, emissions & compliance metrics with our intuitive and comprehensive vessel reporting feature

Using this module keeps you on the know about needs of the machines in the Vessel. Our ability to integrate it with your Vessel’s existing systems saves your time & makes it more intelligent as a system

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