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About Us - Ecosail

Ecosail helps you to optimize your vessel's performance

At Ecosail, our Compass is to manage your ship systems sustainably. We are here to help you save up on costs. Our modules are built such that your ships can sail in a better, more informed manner

About our Mission

Ecosail’s mission is to provide innovative and sustainable digital solutions to the shipping industry by improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact and driving economic growth.

We are here to revolutionize the maritime industry with our sustainable solutions

We have a vision to be to be the leading provider of sustainable digital solutions by empowering shipping industry to achieve optimal performance while minimizing it's carbon footprint, and thus contributing to a greener future.

Assisting the shipping industry to achieve such a Goal would mean deploying the right systems in place, and developing a culture that would support these systems and grow with it

We believe in the UN & IMO’s visions to have a carbon-neutral shipping industry so that the world logistics supply chain is much greener & economically efficient

About - Ecosail Infotech


We propel beyond boundaries

  • We empower our team to be creative
  • We strive to innovate & make things better
  • We think about all situations & approaches


We shape a greener future

  • We make sure that sustainable means affordable too
  • We align with global efforts for sustainability
  • Our offices also embrace eco-conscious practices


We work with maritime bodies

  • We work together with all the stakeholders and partners
  • Such unified efforts give us diverse perspectives
  • Joint innovations are possible with such collaboration

Here's a little about our team! Feel free to connect to any of us for a quick chat.

Shashank Chavan - CEO - Ecosail Infotech

Shashank Chavan

Founder & CEO

Our founder is a seasoned Maritime expert with a proven track-record in the maritime sector.

Having been at sea for around two decades, he has a deep and sincere understanding of both seafaring & onshore operational dynamics. With 27+ Years of Experience in the Maritime Industry,


Sushant Vavhale

Co-Founder & COO

Sushanth is passionate about using data to gain insights and drive analytical decisions. He works closely with our tech team to drive operations

He was worked 17+ years as a Business Analyst and Project Manager

Sandesh Prabhu


Sandesh is an eco-warrior who loves to talk about sustainability. He has previous worked in the Renewable Energy Sector. He looks after marketing and sales at Ecosail

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