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Once you choose Ecosail, your ships sail sustainably

Track your Vessel's CII Performance with our Latest Module

Our Eco-Complaince Module

IMO-DCS and CII Rating by Ecosail

IMO-DCS & CII-Reporting

Ensure compliance and efficiency in IMO-DCS reporting. Save time and get insights by automatic CII Reports we generate.

EU-MRV by Ecosail


Automatically generate verifier-compatible reports for EU-MRV THETIS platform. Know applicable EUA, also digital reporting for UK.

Vessel Reporting by Ecosail

Daily Vessel Reporting

Effortlessly generate Noon report along with other vessel reporting. Data from reporting will directly be used for Eco-compliances

The EcoSailor

Get ready for India’s Maritime Day, on the 5th of April when we will launch our very first e-Magazine : The EcoSailor. Keep your mariner updated with the best sustainable practices at Sea.

Systems that help you save costs - Ecosail

Innovating Sustainable Future

Ecosail - Your ship needs it. Your crew loves it!
Ecosail is here to give you the best ROI on Sustainability

Using smart systems will help you save a fortune on fuel.

With accurate & timely data come insights, which can be all the difference in the World. An average Container Ship emits around 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Emissions are thrice this number for Bulk Carriers. Just imagine the savings in fuel & also the environment if we smartly used data to make informed decisions!

Ecosail helps your fleet become data-driven : we deploy systems that can be easily implemented & followed by your captain, engineers & ship-staff.

Ecosail eases your Ship-Reporting Process

Vessel Reporting made easy

Entering data on endless Excel sheets makes everyone’s job tougher. Half of your time will go into compiling data, and there’s no smart way to get insights from your daily reporting. That’s where Ecosail comes in :

We integrate all your systems so that there remains only one main source of all ship data collection. It is data that your charterers will accept, and data that your technical team will trust. Have your arrival & departure report, sea reports, bunkering reports, crew report, deck officer report, engineer report, noon reports & all other reports at one place. Get curious for data insights!

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