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The EcoSailor Maritime Magazine

Welcome aboard, fellow adventurers of the high seas! The EcoSailor is a dive into the salty tales, eco-friendly tips and maritime mischief

Discover the marvels of the Sea, from the logs of seasoned sailors to the marvels of eco-friendly innovations. The EcoSailor is not just a magazine – it is a movement, a community of like-minded sailors and ocean advocates united by our shared love for the sea and our deep determination to protect it. Lets make sustainable seafaring a new normal!

Sailor of the month & Ship of the month

In every edition, we bring to you a sailor with tales to tell and a twinkle in their eye. And also a ship – a majestic marvel of marine engineering

This section is sure to leave you entertained, inspired, or even a little seasick (but in the best possible way, of course)

We conduct interviews with various sailing and non-sailing staff to get to know more about them & their life and thoughts. If you would like to get interviewed or to nominate someone, do reach out to us!

Best Practices in the Maritime Industry

We equip vessels with advanced sensors to continuously monitor the hull condition & performance parameters.

Fleet Owners & Managers will get to see real-time data on the ship helping to make decisions like hull-cleaning plan, and thousands of other operational adjustments to lessen drag & improve fuel efficiency

Its effective, accurate, easy-to-use and ROI-friendly.

Sea Jobs

Find out about jobs on sea in various levels. We are working with most ship management and crewing companies to feature the best of jobs in our magazine. Do take a look at this section to browse for prospect jobs like chief engineer, captain, first engineer, second engineer, deck officer, second officer, and other crew members too.

Please note that we are not a job placement site or agency, we simply provide this in our magazine as a free feature. If anybody is claiming to provide a job and using our name, it is most definitely fraudulent

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