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vessel reporting

One main source of Ship Data

Avoid re-entering the same entries for various compliance-related 

Rather than self-calculate just for compliance, this module helps you to gather insights for smart decision-making so that you can save fuel, improve your CII Ratings & estimate many things ahead of time.

Check our beautiful and smart dashboard below

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Live Vessel Tracking & Weather Routing

Track your fleet on our interactive maps, and access all information, such as speed, heading & ETA. We help the vessels navigate their best route according to weather

This greatly helps to save fuel & it improves operational efficiency, enabling your vessel to adhere to the planned routes. 

Optimal Routing leads to lesser fuel emissions

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Hull Performance

We equip vessels with advanced sensors to continuously monitor the hull condition & performance parameters.

Fleet Owners & Managers will get to see real-time data on the ship helping to make decisions like hull-cleaning plan, and thousands of other operational adjustments to lessen drag & improve fuel efficiency

Its effective, accurate, easy-to-use and ROI-friendly.

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Vessel & Machinery Performance

This service enables the use of IoT in Ships. With the help of sensors, our module is able to access any predictive maintenance needs through its learning capabilities

Using this module keeps you on the know about needs of the machines in the Vessel. Our ability to integrate it with your Vessel’s existing systems saves your time & makes it more intelligent as a system

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